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Gameday Entertainment

Today’s live sports experience doesn’t mean just being there. It means delivering fans a more immersive and unique experience – engaging fans on every screen in and around their entire gameday experience.

EVS’ gameday entertainment solutions allow you to be more creative with your production. Integrated live tools work at the speed of live games, giving fans faster replays on big screens. Our software-defined video switcher unlocks unlimited creative capabilities to engage and entertainment fan audiences. You can go deeper, delivering personalized content – from VoD to integrated match data and video – direct to fans’ connected screens. And you’ll have the reliability that comes from EVS’ proven network broadcast operations.

Doing all of this helps you create new revenue opportunities while building team loyalty. It combines for better live experiences and ultimately, a greater ROI. 


  • Deliver personalized content to Fans
  • Execute more creative productions
  • Reveal data insights integrated with video
  • Retain your team’s legacy
  • Shared or Isolated flexibility