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Let the Live Action come to you

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Web-based interface for remote live content access

No matter where you are located, Xplore allows you to instantly browse and retrieve the content directly from the live production servers at the event site. This intuitive web app drastically improves workflows, making it easy for production teams to select, create and deliver enhanced content in a fast and efficient manner.

Through its HTLM5 interface, you are able to select relevant action clips and desired camera angles based on your needs. And because only requested content is transferred, total required bandwidth is considerably reduced.

Core Benefits

  • Instant and remote access

    Xplore provides instant and remote access to your live servers for better and faster content creation and delivery. Production teams benefit from a connected environment which enables the right balance between onsite coverage and offsite collaboration.

  • Additional content at lower cost

    In addition to the cost savings associated with remote production, Xplore gives you the ability to access every recorded camera angle but to transfer only requested content. This reduces the total required bandwidth, lowering your production costs even further.

  • Beat your competition with exclusive stories

    Xplore lets you select your preferred camera angles and provides intuitive search tools to easily find key moments of the action. With unlimited access to the live content, you can create compelling stories and add fresh, unseen content to every game update.

Technical Specifications

Client workstation access

  • Any client workstation OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Google Chrome web browser

Broadcast Center – Xplore Central hosting requirements

  • Windows Server 2008R2 or 2016 Edition OS or optional EVS APS-1U-2 Server
  • Supports up to 5 concurrent connected agents

Requires C-Next Cloud Service subscription

  • https://c-next.my-evs.com/

Data circuit to/from event site

  • 10 Mbps recommended
  • Max latency 80 msec

OB Truck Hardware Requirements

  • EVS Connected Agent
  • EVS Live production server XT3, XS3, XT4K, XS4K, XT-VIA, XS-VIA
  • To run Xplore together with MultiReview, the XT3/XS3 server must be equipped with an H3XP board
  • Multicam15 (version 15.3.44 or higher) or any Multicam 16 version