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21.2019 PRONEWS XT/XS 16.2

PACKAGE 16.2 - AUGUST 2019

Dear EVS Operator,

Welcome to the new issue of Operators’ ProNews – with information on all the latest products and updates from EVS. This month, alongside the usual range of updates to functions and usability, we introduce:


X-One 1.3

The X-One all-in-one production system offers all the switching capabilities of a control room alongside replays based on EVS’s technical expertise, and puts this all in the hands of a single operator.

The simple, highly customizable interface makes it easy for the operator to learn and, by replacing several devices, cuts capital investment whilst simultaneously increasing flexibility.

The latest update to X-One adds additional replay speeds, improved clipping capabilities, enhanced audio monitoring and automatic highlight creation.



There have been a number of improvements to the Xeebra Video Assistance system, further enhancing the functionality and usability of an increasingly popular product. These are introduced in Xeebra 2.3, which will be released within just a few weeks.


The system is simple to learn and use, making it easy for referees to quickly become proficient in its operation. The touchscreen interface and pinch to zoom operations are familiar and intuitive, and mean operators can focus on making the best decisions.

Recent updates to the software have made this even easier, by adding both 3D and second offside lines, to assist with key calls. There are also enhancements to audio ingest and export. On the hardware side, a new small form factor client workstation has been introduced too.



In the latest version of EVS’s Multicam software, 16.2, the power of the XT-VIA hardware is further extended and advanced.

The UHD-4K upscaling capabilities are enhanced, meaning “mixed” configurations are supported – that allow ingest in 1080p, while playout out in 4K. 8 new multiviewer layouts have been added, bringing the total to 13. XNet-VIA now uses IP protocols, with new architecture enabling a network that is three times as fast as the traditional SDTI-based X-Net.



The latest version of IPDirector introduces a number of new features and updates. These include improvements to AB-Roll playback when using a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), and easier playlist management. There is also a new plugin to help in managing Keywords.


Similarly, in IPWeb, there are improvements to News workflows and a new configuration and monitoring tool.


EVS offers a wide range of training opportunities - for freelancers or in-house crews - in a wide range of locations across the world. You can get all the information you need on the newly refreshed Training page of the EVS website – including course descriptions and booking details.

A full range of manuals, guides and updates is available from the Download area of the new EVS website. If you don’t already have an EVS login, you’ll be invited to create a personal EVS account, to help ensure that you’re kept up to date with only the most relevant information and updates. This will also allow you to download all the information you need, completely free of charge.


For more information on these courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at: training@evs.com.

There’s also a wide range of training information, including video tutorials, manuals and user guides on our website: www.evs.com/training.