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14.2015 ProNews XT/XS 14.01

Package 14.01 - December 2015

Dear EVS Operator,

Welcome to the new issue of Operators’ ProNews – with information on all the latest products and updates from EVS. This month, alongside the usual range of updates to functions and usability, we introduce:

Operators’ ProNews 14.15 from EVS Broadcast Equipment on Vimeo.





The latest release of Multicam introduces support for Dual LSM mode. This enables two operators to work independently on one EVS server – each using their own LSM Remote or LSM Connect.
On the engineering side, Multicam 14.01 also includes a new internal Multiviewer layout for full screen monitoring of 1 channel.


With the introduction of Truck Manager, there is now a centralised setup tool to manage EVS product configuration in complex OBenvironments.
Truck Manager auto-detects EVS products on the network, checks their software versions are compatible and optimises their inter-relationships.
Devices and servers can then be centrally configured from a single interface. Configurations can also be imported/exported to enable quick transfer of settings between events or trucks.




LSM Connect

LSM Connect 2.04 now supports the Dual LSM mode available in Multicam 14.01. Two operators, each with their own LSM Connect tablet, can now work simultaneously on one EVS server. Each operator can configure the interface to show only the angles they are working on, enabling greater flexibility and a streamlined workflow.

Epsio FX

Version 1.03 introduces the Epsio FX Editor, enabling the operator to quickly customise the graphical effects that can be applied to clips. These can then be saved, recalled, imported and exported as required.


There is now improved layout management in MultiReview 1.04. Operators can now create up to 10 different layouts in the MultiReview interface. It is now also possible to connect up to 4 MultiReview instances to one server. This can be particularly useful when working in a 12-channel configuration and MultiReview now supports 6x and 8x cameras.




Version 7 of IPDirector introduces a number of improvements, most notably major enhancements to the functionality and flexibility of AB Roll Playlist. It is now possible to assign channels manually and designate “spare” channels for manual playout. There are enhanced redundancy options, enabling automatic or manual failover to a backup playlist. It is now also possible to loop elements within AB Roll Playlist.

Gateways and Transcoding Solutions


The latest versions of XFile3 add support for 12 channel mode, TWINREC recordings and new SLSM formats. It is now also possible to manually discover EVS servers and create “short” backups when archiving, to save storage space. XFile3 is now also compliant with Truck Manager.


The latest versions of XFly Streamer add support for 12 channel mode and file segmentation. XFly Streamer is also now compliant with Truck Manager.



EVS also offers a range of training courses at its facilities around the world. This month, we introduce our new training catalogue.

Over the next few months, you can take advantage of the following training opportunities:

1. LSM-XT Basic Operational training

  • 30 & 31 December – Mexico
  • 25 & 26 January – UK Leatherhead
  • 9 & 10 February – USA-East Coast
  • 9 & 10 February – USA-West Coast
  • 22 & 23 February – UK Leatherhead
  • 6 & 7 March – Dubai
  • 8 & 9 March – USA-East Coast
  • 8 & 9 March – USA-West Coast

​2. LSM-XT Advanced Operational training

  • 15 & 16 March – UK Leatherhead

​3. IPDirector Operational training

  • 21 & 22 March – UK Leatherhead

​4. EVS Servers, IPDirector and Integration Technical Training

  • 23/24/25/26 February – Headquarters Belgium

Click here to register to any of these courses.

​There’s also a wide range of training information, including video tutorials, manuals and user guides on our website:www.evs.com/training

For more information on these courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at: training@evs.comFor more information on these courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at: training@evs.com.