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12.2015 ProNews XT/XS 12.05

Package 12.05 – January 2015

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, your dedicated newsletter that informs you on EVS’ latest product releases and new product updates included in the XT – XS Package 12.05 of January.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.

Live Tools

LSM Connect 2.01 and 2.02:

LSM ConnectThis section provides information on the latest releases 2.01 and 2.02 of the LSM Connect. Amongst the new features we have the possibility to customize the columns in the List view, to use keyboards shortcuts for several operations, to copy distant clips of a playlist on the local machine by using the Make Local function and to use the LSM Connect on a XTnano server with its Remote controller.

MultiReview 1.02:

For this new release of MultiReview the main changes are located on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) side, that has been improved by integrating a better display of the video area. We also have now the possibility to assign keywords on clips and marks created from MultiReview. And improvements have been implement in the Highlight mode.

Epsio Paint 1.00:Epsio Paint

In this newsletter we also present the new Epsio Paint, EVS’ telestration analysis tool that is dedicated to LSM operators to highlight video sequences by drawing, pointing, placing and moving graphics over video in real time.

Nano Air 2.03:

Here also some improvements have been integrated into the latest Nano Air release: support of more server channels, integration of a Software player, improvement of the Gang mode, new commands in Playlist Playout mode and support of A/V transition effects, a dedicated remote to control the playlist playout with NanoAir.




This newsletter includes information related to the latest IPDirector releases 6.56 and 6.57. Several changes and new functionnalities have been integrated into these releases, amongst which a New licence model that involves the need of new licence codes in order to run IPD 6.56 and 6.57, the management of the Grass Valley Jupiter routing control, and changes in IPClipLogger layout.


Gateways and Transcoding Solutions

New functionalities are also offered for EVS’ Gateway solutions to facilitate the exchange of media between EVS and third-party systems.

XFile3 – Version 4.06:XFile3

This is the case for the XFile3 with several improvements in the User Interface (amongst which clearer indications for the clips or job statuses, customization of the columns in the grid), better support of the archive process for Supermotion clipsfilters that can be combined (in Auto Archive mode) through logical relations (AND, OR), export of the EDL in case of playlist archive and the possibility to send clips to servers and to preview clips in Archive mode.

Xsquare and IPLink for Adobe with Exporter:

The new releases of these products also propose several new features that are detailed in the documents attached.