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11.2014 ProNews XT/XS 12.05

Package 12.05 - July 2014

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, your dedicated newsletter that informs you on EVS’ latest product releases and new product updates included in the different XT – XS Packages 12.05 released around Mid-2014.
If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.

EVS Video Servers System & Software – Rel. 12.05

This newsletter gives some information about the Multicam 12.05.35 that was released in May 2014. First on the technical side, where several new features have been implemented, such as the Integration of a new network board with 10 GbE connectivity on XT3 and XS servers that also offers the possibility of teaming the 1 or 10 GbE connections; the support of the new XS 4RU server, new supermotion configurations and hypermotion cameras, SD autosense and upscale to HD, the TwinRec mode to increase the number of ingest channels and a new dual HD Multiviewer.

On the operational side, the operator has now the possibility to clear record trains for maintenance operations and to define cue points on clips as well as a speedbreak functionality for Hypermotion cameras.


Live Tools

LSM ConnectLSM Connect 2.00:

This section provides information on the latest release of the LSM Connect. Amongst the new features we have a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) that integrates Epsio FX with icons to represent video effects, the possibility to see and copy distant playlists (playlists stored on other servers on the network) and to preload a given playlist element.

MultiReview 1.01:

For this new release of MultiReview the main changes are located on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) side where its ergonomics has been improved by integrating several new features. The Sync Replay mode has been renamed Smart Replay mode and offers three new features and improvements in Replay and Highlight modes.

Epsio FX 1.00:

This ProNews also presents the new Epsio FX solution dedicated to LSM operators to apply artistic replay effects and graphic transitions. It offers the possibility to enhance highlights within very short time and without any additional heavy infrastructure.

Epsio FX works in conjunction with the Multicam LSM and the LSM Connect applications and gives the operator a centralized interface to manage video effects.

Epsio Zoom 1.02:

Epsio Zoom has also intregrated a couple of new features. To read more about these and all the above described topics click on the link hereunder.




This newsletter includes information related to the IPDirector releases 6.41 and 6.55. Several changes and new functionnalities have been integrated into these releases, amongst the Autoclipping tool to transfer logs from an external logging or statistical system (e.g. Opta) into IPDirector, the possibility to use Xsquare targets for streams in the Ingest Scheduler, the Melt / backup workflow to archive a huge amount of clips as a single one and the Cascading Grid tool designed to guide the users, especially loggers and ingest operators, to easily and quickly assign keywords to media.


Gateways and Transcoding Solutions

New functionalities are also offered for EVS’ Gateway solutions to facilitate the exchange of media between EVS and third-party systems.

XFile3 – Version 4.05:

This is the case for the XFile3 with several improvements that offer the possibility to archive playlists, edit an existing rule in Auto Archive mode, name streams, add metadata to elements that are streamed or archived.

XFlyStreamer 1.06:

XFlyStreamer also offers new features amongst which the support of TWINREC recordings, AVID Metadata definition and better performances for XDCAM HD backups.