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Corporate Social Responsibility

There are many ways for a company to put its values into practice and demonstrate its commitment to the environment, its employees and the community in which it operates. This long term commitment is an integral part of EVS’ culture and values since the company’s creation.

The environment

Since its creation in 1994, EVS has been mindful of its impact on the environment. Over the years, decisions have been taken in order to honor this commitment. The new headquarters and innovation center, located in a wooded environment near Liège gathers, since 2015, all employees who were in the past split in six different buildings in the same area. It provides them with an improved working environment, increasing efficiency and internal communication. It uses many energy-saving methods, such as “free cooling” to cool premises subject to major temperature variations, low-energy lighting, thermally activated systems (cold water circulated in the slab, at the basis of the air-conditioning system), recuperation of the heat generated by the servers (at the basis of the heating) or the external blinds (ensuring a better protection against the heat of the sun). In 2017, B4F did achieved an audit of the building, which has received a "Very good" ranking according to the BREEAM-in-use evaluation method.

Through its activities, EVS also further helps reducing the environmental footprint of the broadcast industry. As an example, EVS develops solutions to allow its clients to produce or access the video content from a remote location, allowing operators to dramatically reduce their travel. For instance, during major sporting events, broadcast production tools favor image sharing between the event venue and the television channel. This greatly reduces air travel for a large number of people.

The community

EVS has a strong regional anchor and tries to participate in the development of the communities where its offices are located. The company builds partnerships with local suppliers, actively supports cultural and social projects and encourages its employees to do likewise in their own environment through targeted sponsoring.

The employees

Employees are the main assets of EVS. They develop solutions, offer them to customers throughout the world, install them and provide the necessary training and maintenance. Therefore the management of the company puts special attention to offer employees a working environment based on personal development and respect for the individual. This includes, among others:

  • an attractive workplace (open and luminous building in a wooded environment, cordial company cafeteria, etc.);
  • listening carefully to people, internal training programs for new employees;
  • numerous activities organized by and for the employees aimed at building the team spirit, such as departmental incentives, various company events or incentives to practice a sport in the neighborhood;
  • a competitive global remuneration package in relation to the skills and experience of each person, accompanied by company profit sharing programs.

This policy is bearing fruit and reinforces a sense of belonging. The turnover rate remains particularly low despite the young average age of the company’s employees (38 years).