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As esports continue to grow in popularity, tournament producers are faced with the exciting yet challenging task of creating the most immersive experiences to keep their huge fanbase engaged. Through first in-game replays, disruptive live switching as well as content management and digital publishing, EVS technology helps producers bring live storytelling to the highest standards for their audiences of informed and passionate fans.



  • Industry-fast replays
  • Speed of production
  • Configurable workflows
  • Highest-quality content
  • Wider fan engagement

First in-game replays

EVS has built the industry’s first in-game slow motion replay solution. Observer PCs are placed into a live game, viewing the action as if they were cameras. Feeds from these are recorded in the PCs’ native 120Hz, ingested by the EVS server and slowed down to the broadcast-standard 60Hz. This creates a half-speed replay with completely smooth playout and absolutely no loss of frames.

Live program switching

Using DYVI, esports producers can cut together content both from the live play output from the gamers’ PCs and for the live programming, from a single switcher. This customizability is enabled by DYVI’s software-defined architecture and lets users create a program setup within the switcher for each of the games played at any given tournament. TDs can then instantly recall any configuration with the press of a button, removing any unnecessary delay between events.

Highlights & content management

EVS’ IPDirector live PAM system instantly imports and uses game engine data during live competition to identify specific actions, making it easier to browse and manage your media. Adding to the highlights creation capabilities, EVS’ MultiReview application gives users a synchronous view of all feeds ingested by the servers so that they can easily select relevant content to recreate all key moments of the game.

Digital publishing

IPDirector’s new digital publishing add-on allows users to distribute content clips and playlists instantly on social media and live platforms such as Twitch.