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Digital Content Distribution

Sports and Entertainment fans want to know more about the action. They want to see it from every available angle. They want to be able to analyze it themselves as well as hearing from experts. And they want the statistics to back up their thinking and love of the game. Most importantly, they want to share their views with their friends and other fans. Linking excellent coverage to social networks, and allowing viewers to watch from any location – at home, at the game or anywhere else – is now the norm.

The EVS distribution platforms empowers all content from EVS live production servers at game sites and helps you leverage it into a customized, multi-screen experience for your connected fans. We enable you to build fan loyalty, engage sponsors and open up new revenue streams for rights owners.


  • High ROI
  • Extendable access to content
  • Leverage your team’s archive
  • Quality content at live speeds
  • Integrated into 3rd Party infrastructure