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Orchestrate your Media movements

Enable your content to move from live ingest through transcode to storage and delivery all with a single orchestrated layer.




Xsquare is a powerful manager making it easy to transfer or transcode media and scale you processing power. It provides a flexible architecture that leverages the EVS XTAccess engines and provides easy monitoring and control from a unique web based interface. Xsquare controls media transfers, media transcoding and the orchestration of all load balancing tasks. Xsquare manages workflows between EVS solutions, EVS and third party storage, NLE, and the outside world. Based on a Web Services and an SOA design,  Xsquare allows live production facilities to easily transform, transfer, package, and distribute media.


Transfer and Transform

Xsquare is a solution that can enable you to transfer media from the speed of Live EVS ingest, to the shared storage that enables teams in live production. With the ability to transform content on-the-fly during transfer, XSquare saves your time and enables you to do more with Live content.

One Simple HTML Interface

No need to install many client interfaces or worry about where you can manage the system from.  Xsquare can be configured, monitoring and manage all jobs from an HTML web based user interface.

Multi-destination jobs

When ingest of live media calls for the need to transform to multiple formats or delivery to simultaneous destinations, Xsquare makes it easy. With the ability to manage multiple destinations for media file writes with individual profiles for each destination, your media becomes flexible for changing production environments.

AD integration for user access

When Xsquare needs to be managed by teams in your enterprise, you can link its user base to your existing Active Directory.

Highly available Database managed system

Your media enterprise is expected to perform 24/7/365, and you need a system to orchestrate the media transfers that is always available and can meet those needs.  As a central database managed platform, Xsquare has a high availability design that ensure that your production workflows never go offline.


  • SQL Database Managed system
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64bit or Windows 7 64 bit OS recommended
  • IP Ethernet management, discovery and configuration
  • Web Service API