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Store and reliably transport your valuable live media content for high-speed Edit.



XFly2, a compact and portable storage platform designed for extended live production operations, has had a makeover. Already a powerful and simple way to back up feeds, this preconfigured system features high-performance connectivity for ultra-fast streaming and more storage –and much more. When a live shoot is complete, operators can simply transport the entire production, including the program feed, multi-camera angles, best shots and highlights in a single storage case. Then editors just plug XFly2 into Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, and immediately begin their creative tasks.


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eSATA and USB3.0

Connector your storage directly to your edit station to access the content with high-performance eSATA connectors providing extremely fast bandwidth transfer.

USB3 connectors are also available.

Optimal Storage

The storage case offers up to 20TB  storage with a maximum capacity of 320  hours of HD at 100Mbps. RAID5 ensures the perfect balance between security and high disk speed, which can be changed if needed.

Compact size and Simple

Configured out of the box with high performance RAID controller and disks, XFly2 allows you to say goodbye to configuring IP addresses and assigning rules to stream from your server.

XFly2 is plug-and-play, acting like a disk drive attached to your computer.

Key lock

Secure the disks for transport with lockable drives in the custom housing.

RAID Flexibility

Define the RAID storage that fits your needs through the simple config menu.  RAID modes including RAID 6, RAID 5 (default), RAID 3, RAID 1, RAID 0, RAID10.


  • High-performance FPGA-Based Hardware RAID Controller featuring 512MB Cache
  • High-performance 7200RPM HDD SATAIII 128 MB Cache
  • MODEL 1—20 TB
    • 20TB Raw - 16TB usable
    • Capacity: 5 disks of 4TB
    • Approximately 320h @ 100Mbps
    • Approximately 160h @ 200Mbps
  • MODEL 2—10 TB
    • 10TB Raw - 8TB usable
    • Capacity: 5 disks of 2TB
    • Approximately 160h @100Mbps
    • Approximately 80h @ 200 Mbps
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